Hi all planets and cosmos lovers!

This time we've decided to do something special and unique for BoardGameGeek community...
We have created a virtual universe and invite you to create your own planet. Play mini games (liking posts, posting videos, etc.) to gain the requisite elements for a life-sustaining planet.

This is of course some special lead-up to our upcoming board game, ExoPlanets, which will be released in April/May 2015 on Kickstarter.

Interested? Please check it out! How to do it? It's verry easy. You need to do few basic steps:

1. First of all, visit our profile on BoardGameGeek and add this game to your wishlist.
2. Wait for a while and recive your own planet in our universe - you will get it by GeekMail.
3. Then go to our planetary dashboard and register, using BoardGameGeek nick name.
4. And welcome to our pre-release events :)

What you can do more? Visit our events threads and use the instructions to get resources and badges. Here you have few links:

How to get a planet
The Sun
Game badges
Searching for the Particle

One of them has expired, so I did not include it in this list. And of course watch us to get information about new events.
Easy? So let's start playing and having fun from this interaction!

Of course if you have any questions, catch one of this two guys on BGG